Call for Papers

Call for Papers

The invention of the WWW has shown us how consumers become broadcasters, how knowledge can be crowd-sourced and how the web can offer immense possibilities for social participation. Since its inception, re:publica has followed the idea of giving and taking: all participants should be part of the final conference. As interlocutor, engaged helper and, of course, as speaker!

Over 50% of our final event programme is curated through our yearly Call for Papers submissions. Over the years we have been able to put together programmes which are hands-down the most colourful, inspirational and controversial – and thus have made re:publica into one of the most exciting and astonishing conferences in Europe.

Under the motto “INTO THE WILD”, re:publica 2014 is looking to reassess the web in the post-Snowden era, dare to explore new avenues and encourage the unpredictability of action. One thing is sure: the digital society will be transformed. We hope, together with your contributions, to cast a glance into the future from May 6 - 8, 2014.

All you have to do is apply to the Call for Papers.

WHAT WE OFFER: A stage and undivided attention for your session. 5 000 international visitors and hundreds of speakers will come together in the STATION-Berlin from May 6 – 8, 2014
– be a part of it.

WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Your idea, your vision, your project – creative, fresh, audacious. Design your session as a talk, discussion or practice-orientated workshop on the topics of politics & society, knowledge & technology, culture & entertainment, education, health, business or witchcraft… The only requirement: Don’t be boring!

To get an impression of the versatility of the thematic spectrum, check out the event-programme for re:publica 2013 or our YouTube channel, which has documented various talks of years past.

DEADLINE? The deadline for your submissions ends on 31 January 2014. UPDATE: Due to popular demands we extended our deadline for international submissions until 7th February 2014, so you can still take your chance and submit your proposal!

HOW? Register a speaker profile then access your account and add your session suggestion.

You still have some questions?
Our FAQ offers more information and can help you further:




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