Networked Consent: Dreaming and Desire in the 21st Century

Politics & Society
Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 15:00 to 16:00
stage 2

Short thesis: 

Changes in communications technology allow us to think in new ways about consent, desire and the nature of power. There are important parallels between the backlash against rape culture and innovations in digital politics. What does that mean for the consent of the governed?


This talk is about how the internet is allowing women and queer people to question rape culture and change the conversation about what is 'done to' people and what we'll accept. Voting is a limited form of consent: it allows you to say yes or no, just once, to a contract whose terms you don't get to see until you've signed. Who is speaking back to power? Is it possible to enthusiastically consent to capitalism? Can we create a new formula for 'consent of the governed'? What links liquid democracy with #everydaysexism? All this and more will be hashed out...

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