Speaker Testimonials

Here's what our speakers think about re:publica

"Possibly the most stimulating and enjoyable festivals of ideas and creativity and thinking that I've ever participated in."
Mark Graham, Director of Research | Oxford Internet Institute

"The best show of the republic!"
Wolf Lotter, Brandeins

„re:publica is an amazing, inspiring event with a unique vibe. Thanks for a great conference!“
Kate Darling, Research Specialist | MIT Media Lab

„After three days at re:publica13, I kindly like to say THANK YOU to the team behind this extraordinary and unconventional conference. 
To me it was one of the best networking opportunities since long.“
Beate Wedekind, Journalistin, TV-Produzentin

“Is there any other conference in Germany which is this colourful - as colourful as our society at large?”
Thomas Knüwer, Journalist

"Smart, thoughtful and energising -- a very good place to be."
Cory Doctorow, author and journalist

“re:publica is SXSW with an European accent, the DLD and DAVOS of the people. It is a favorite conference of mine.“
Jeff Jarvis, author and professor of journalism

"re:publica is a truly global event, with a diverse range of speakers who are unafraid to speak truth to power."
Jillian C. York, EFF, Director for International Freedom of Expression

“Those who think re:publica is a class reunion are correct. Those who think that re:publica is nothing but a class reunion have no clue.”
Anke Gröner, Bloggerin

“The beauty of re:publica is in its diversity and the meeting of minds to brainstorm future challenges for Europe and the space it gives for different currents of thought and ideas to meet.”
Helen Darbishire, Access Info Europe, Executive Director

“re:publica 2013 was a multifaceted and dynamic conference, which brings people together and expands our horizon.”
Inken Meyer - meyola, Lunch Beat Hamburg, Digital Media Women

“re:publica for me was an extraordinary gathering of some of Europe's best minds. The speakers engaged me, the participants challenged me and most of all the environment brought about some of the best discussions I've had in a while. All this, as my first time in Berlin makes the conference and the city one of my life's best experiences so far.”
Mark Kaigwa, Entrepreneur, Filmemacher

"Very few forums manage to attract activists and policy makers; hackers and technologists; digital media enthusiasts and skeptics; and ends up leaving impacting all of them positively. Re:publica is one of those"
Fadi Salem, School of Government , Dubai

“re:publica has become a staple-event in Berlin, making the city the capitol of the internet.”
Björn Böhning, Chef der Senatskanzlei Berlin

"2012 was my first time at re:publica. The event is terrific and inspiring. Most of all it brings together great people from all backgrounds and this diversity results in a truly open, indepth and challenging debate about our digital age"
Prof. Alessandra Poggiani, University of Rome and CATTID research center

"I can't think of any other social media event as informative, engaging, comprehensive, participatory and fun as re:publica"
Markos Lemma, ICT and innovation consultant Äthiopien