Faruq Hunter
Chief Geek In Charge

Faruq Hunter is the founder and President of GeniusCo and its subsidy GeniusCorps. He has travelled and worked in over 60 countries servicing both the public and private sectors and is the Head Geek in charge connecting innovative startup communitties accross 180 countries with Geeks Gone Global. Mr. Hunter's primary focus is on using innovation as a foundation for developing systems to create, re-create, rejuvenate and sustain the concept of the rural town as efficient hubs for economic progress and global production.

Mr. Hunter has over 18 years experience in information Technology management and implementation and over 10 years experience in Global Business Development. Mr. Hunter utilizes bootstrapping as a preferred method of funding and has led four startups to profitability and exit through acquisition, including his first startup that was at the head of developing B2B E-commerce systems with Global 2000 companies when he was 21. As a preference he does not believe in debt as a system of sustainable economic growth

Faruq Hunter was a 13 year old high school graduate. He completed his first degree at the International University of Africa in Khartoum, Sudan. Mr. Hunter is primarily a self learner and self starter. After training himself to be a computer programmer, Business Analyst and Project Manager he held positions at Fortune 500 companies and has successfully lead projects with multi-million dollar budgets.